CANivore problems

Team 6722’s 2023 Robot is upgrading to a CANivore, which is daisy chained to our robot’s arm.

Our CANivore is currently able to connect to 3 motors, but never all 4 motors at once. It does not matter which motors we connect or how the motor is connected. One motor doesn’t receive a CAN signal.

Does anyone have any ideas on how to get the last motor to read CANbus?

Is the motor a Falcon 500? Spark Maxes and older CTRE devices don’t work on CANivores because they don’t support CAN-FD.

Also on the CTRE software you need to enable CAN Bus Termination.

you also need a 120ohm resistor at the end of your CAN Bus chain. We we first got ours we had not put a resistor at the end and we could only connect to the first 3 devices on our swerve. Once we added a resistor to the end of the loop we could connect to all the devices.

Yes, we’re using Falcon 500s. I’ll be sure to add a resistor to the end of the CAN when I get my hands on the bot next. Thank you!