won't compile

I downloaded the CANJaguar example that included the source code from First Forge (rev. 50, created on 02/18/2010 4:46 AM), but when I tried to run it gave me this error:

edu.wpi.first.addons.CANJaguar is not abstract and does not override abstract method disable() in edu.wpi.first.wpilibj.SpeedController
public class CANJaguar implements JaguarCANProtocol, SpeedController {

It turns out CANJaguar doesn’t implement disable() or set(double speed, byte syncGroup) from SpeedController, but it does have get() and set(double speed). Does anyone else have this problem? I figured I could just add those in as empty methods to get it to compile but I didn’t know if there was a bigger problem. If it’s as simple as adding in those methods, could someone just share the with me so I can paste them in?

You don’t need to download the CANJaguar library anymore, it’s included in the WPILibJ. Go to to get the latest updates. Unfortunately, the automatic updates from last year aren’t up to date with the 2011 release, so you need to get them.

That was true for a few days after kickoff, but not anymore. 2 days ago I updated a computer that hadn’t been used since last year, and netbeans notified me of the update automatically. If you installed the .nbm files manually without setting up the update location, they you will also have to manually update (or better yet, set up the update location).