CANJaguars With Robo-Rio

Hello everyone,

Our team has been trying to use Jaguars with the new control system, however we are unable to see the jaguars through the robo rio web interface. they are correctly attached to the can system as we are able to see systems connected “down the line” from them. Any help would be appreciated.

IIRC to give the Jaguars CAN IDs you have to use BDC-Comm, which is really hard to find a working version of. It took our team forever to find a version that actually worked with the new firmware and then we ended up scrapping CAN in the end.

It’s possible to get the hi/lo wires swapped in the jags, and since they pass the signal through, you may see the downstream items if the wires get swapped back.

BDC-comm comes with the standard FRC tools package, found in Documents\FRC. We used it without problem to flash our new jaguars earlier this week.