Cannot Assign Gyro to Second Analog Sidecar

When I try constructing a gyro with Gyro(2, 1), corresponding to analog port 1 of analog sidecar 2, I receive runtime kernel exceptions stating that the gyro must be connected to port 1. However, I tried constructing an AnalogChannel(2, 1), and it worked, returning the raw voltage. Next, I tried constructing a Gyro with an AnalogChannel, and now I receive a different exception (An address parameter to a method is NULL in GetAccumulatorOutput()). Do I need to construct/initialize the second analog sidecar? (The first one is in slot 1 and apparently does not have to be constructed, since all of the above worked with it).

Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

You should not need to open the analog breakout board. There is no way to open it, as far as I know…

Why are you using the gyro on slot 2 instead of slot 1? Did you run out of analog channels for gyros on slot 1? If so, that could be your problem. I think you can only have 2 gyros/accelerometers integrated by the FPGA at one time, although I might be wrong and it might be 2 per slot. After that, you have to integrate it in software.

No, I already have a working gyro (connected to slot1 port1); I need to connect another one (slot2 port1).

The gyro requires an accumulator in addition to the normal analog “stuff” in the FPGA. There are two accumulators implemented in the FPGA, on Slot 1, inputs 1 and 2. If you want to use two gyros with the WPILIB gyro code, that’s where you have to use them.