Cannot configure Dlink

Every time i attempt to configure the Dlink DAP 1522 router via the Configuration Tool from first and going off the instructions, it keeps giving the error message reset your Bridge. And Every time i do reset and reattempt it gives me the same error message.
could someone please help.

Is there more to the message?

Did you download the updated Configuration Tool? The version originally posted refuses to program a D-Link having firmware revision 2.02.

I was never able to get the Configuration Tool working either, but this document from last year has a guide on how to do it manually, starting on page 31 (Configuring a Wireless bridge for Team Use).

On the bottom of the configuration tool are a couple options. Have you selected the right options?
Rev A, was the model given to us two years ago.
Rev B, was the model given to teams this year and rookie teams last year.

Also there is another option to select 2.4ghz and 5 ghz. You want to make sure you select the 2.4ghz option.

Please let me know if this helps. Also make sure that your bridge is plugged into the computer that you are working with.

Thank you all for replying i finally got it to work by setting it up manually

What did you mean by manually? We can’t see any activity on the lights when we hold down the reset for 10+ seconds. Am starting to believe that the rese switch is broken.

Does anyone know what to expect (light wise) when the reset is pressed and held for 10 sec.?

The lights should stop flashing, and then start flashing again after the reset is finished.