Cannot connect to Axis camera from WPI Lib

I’ve been trying to connect to the axis camera from the 2012 season kit of parts using C++ and WPI ib. I know that the camera IP address is because I can ping it. I cannot log in with the user name FRC and password FRC though. I’ve run the Axis camera configuration tool. I use the AxisCamera class to connect to the camera in C++ and use the string “” to connect to the camera. When I cal the getImage function though, I get an empty image with 0 by 0 dimensions. I also set the resoution with AxisCamera::writeResolution is there any trick for connecting? We have the camera plugged into our wireless bridge.

Can you log into the camera through a browser and setup the FRC/FRC user account? That account is what’s used by the FRC software.
You also need to get into the camera to enable autonomous viewing.

The Axis camera config tool doesn’t sound like it’s able to log in to the camera either, since the FRC account wasn’t created.
Before using the Axis config tool you need to reset the camera back to factory defaults using the button on the back of the camera. Hold it down, power the camera, don’t release until the lens light flashes. The camera default IP will be, so you’ll need to set your PC IP to be compatible (e.g., before trying the Axis config tool again.