Cannot connect to roboRIO over wifi

To prepare for the build season, my team built a Andymark AM14U2 with the full 2015 control system, except the newer Openmesh AP instead of the d-link. We have everything configured: the roboRIO imaged and java installed and openwrt installed on the Openmesh AP. We were able to download the example code and connect to the robot through the 2015 driver station while it was tethered over USB and get the motors to move. But, once we disconnected the USB cable, we were able to connect to our wifi network, but couldn’t connect through driver station or the online configuration interface for the roboRIO. Firewall on the computer is set to allow connections through mDNS and driver station, and we are able to reach the configuration page for the AP. As we are a rookie team this year, we are stuck. Any help/suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!

Enable DHCP on the OpenMesh serving IP addresses in the and higher range. ( in your case)

You can also give the OpenMesh an IP of to make some things easier on yourself. ( in your case)