cannot connectto cRio with wind river

On my driver, it says it’s connected to the cRio
On the local area connection, it say it’s connected to the cRio.
On wind river, it says theres no connection.

We set up the target IP to our factory resetted cRio which should be the default IP and it has a light turned on next to the ethernet port on the side.

Any ideas on how to establish a connection using wind river.

Make sure the PC you are programming on has the right IP address. The IP addresses should look like this:

Wireless Bridge (on Robot) - 10.xx.yy.1
CRIO - 10.xx.yy.2
Router - 10.xx.yy.4
DS/ classmate - 10.xx.yy.5
Programming Laptop - 10.xx.yy.6

Where the xx.yy is your team number.

Exactly. If your computer is set to automatically pick an IP, you should see the cRIO in the network, but WindRiver will have issues detecting it. You need to set your computer to have a static IP of 10.30.17.x, where x is any number greater than 5.