Cannot deploy robot code to roboRIO

When I try to deploy my robot code to the roboRIO, I get the following error. ‘gardlew’ is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program, or batch file. The terminal process terminated with exit code: 1

Any ideas??

Try reopening/reimporting the project. Your ide does not know that its a gradle project.

Does it actually say gardlew? The file is called gradlew, so there may be a typo somewhere if that’s the case.

If your folder has another folder which contains the src folder, then you have open the internal folder. We had this same issue. We fixed by opening the internal folder

Sorry, I made a typo, should be gradlew.

I’m very new at this programming stuff, so I don’t understand what Sourish31 is suggesting me to do. Could you explain your fix?

I did reopen the project several times with the same result, so I’m back at square 1.

Ensure that you’re running gradlew within the directory that gradlew is in. Have you installed gradle per Screensteps’ instructions?

I am assuming you are using VSCode. Make sure you follow this official guide. I believe Sourish31 is wondering if your src folder is in a folder that the code did not generate/you opened a folder that does not have directly gradle in it.

Right now, I don’t know if it’s Tuesday, or snowing out. I’ll have to start from scratch

I was able to deploy the code.I don’t know how or what I did, just kept opening files. Thanks for all the help.