Cannot Download Code

We are using Windriver for C++ development on the robot and I cannot download code to the robot. the cRIO is updated to c-2010_v19 and I have also applied the latest updates to windriver. at this point we are only trying to load example code (DefaultRobot).
IP addresses are correctly assigned and the FIRST downloading preferences are set
I can get the remote registry to connect to the robot, but when I go to FIRST > Download the downloading window comes up and reports that it is downloading code, but the status bar does not come up, it will sit there for a while, but will not download code.
Thank you for any advice you can give.

Also, I get the following error across a serial cable at the end of the booting process of the cRIO:

NI-VISA Server 4.5 started successfully.
task 0xe41130 (t1) deleted: errno=1835009 (0x1c0001) status=1 (0x1)

try disabling any firewalls you have

Just to be sureā€¦ you are downloading the ProjectFile.out file in the downloader preferencesā€¦ Then the program should start on reboot of the cRIO and not when you download it.

Does anyone know the setup required to download a code to cRIO? I am having issues figuring that out. Any help would be greatly appreciated. :slight_smile:

Complete instructions are in the C++ getting started guide: