Cannot get FRC plugins to appear in Eclispe Mars on Windows

This is in Eclipse, version Mars, on Windows.

I cannot get the FRC plugins to “work”. For example under New,Project, the selection for “WPILib Robot ++Development” does not appear. Also under Window, Preferences, “WPILib Preferences” is missing.

I tried reinstalling the FRC plugins, removing them from under “Help, Installed Software” and rebooting the machine. Still nothing from the plugins.

I do have the FRC toolchain installed and existing projects build, just can’t create new ones.

Also, I noticed that when performing a “Clean” on a project, I see this in the output window:
Cannot run program “rm”: Launching failed

The project does get cleaned successfully though, the debug folder is removed. Is Eclipse just always issuing the rm command which of course exists on Mac and Linux, but not Windows?

I went back to the Luna version of Eclipse, and updated the plugins and all is working again.


I got it working on Win10 with no problems. Have you tried it on a different machine?

To solve the problem, I had to start with a new clean copy of Eclipse. I had previously updated Eclipse in place over an older version. With a new install and plugins, everything worked.