Cannot load code into emulator after upgrading firmware

I upgraded the firmware in the Wind River emulator(3.2a to 3.3a) and after that when I am trying load code into it, I get an error saying that It failed to dowload the file and Download operation failed at 00000E00 please check that the target memory is readable/writeable. Can anybody tell me why?

You have access to the Wind River Simulator? What version of Workbench are you using? The 2011 release of Workbench didn’t include the simulator. Are you a 2012 beta-test team? If so, what version of Workbench and VxWorks are you using?

FWIW, the error you’re seeing is telling you that the download was trying to write address 0xe00. That’s in the PowerPC exception vector space or the x86 interrupt table if you’re running the simulator. That’s generally caused by a bad pointer or trying to load PowerPC code on an x86 or vice versa.