Cannot re-image roboRIO

Hi, so our team cannot re-image or re-format the roboRIO for we get this error. We can connect to the roborio by internet explorer or even by the imaging tool, but not the driver station and we can’t deploy code, the safety light doesnt turn on (it is connected correctly). The roborio is in safe mode (and we cant get it out of safe mode). He wave tried literally everything but we can’t just figure it out. Any help would be REALLY appreciated!!! :slight_smile:

It sounds like your Rio is totally locked up and may need to be recovered. It is a fairly simple process but requires NI software.

Before trying that process though, have you tried to use multiple different laptops using both USB ports on the Rio to reimage it?

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I recommend trying all the steps in: FRC 2019 Firmware Update Failing

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