Cannot read PDP Temp or Currents

Hey there,

So we have thus far been unable to read correct values from the PDP using Java. We wrote our code as per the documentation seen here:

We are writing current values for channels 12 and 15 (connected to Jaguars for now) and the temperature value to the SmartDashboard.

The interesting problem is that the temperature always shows as -67 to some decimal, never fluctuating. The currents always show zero. We have a timer updating a string on the dashboard so we know that the dashboard is updating properly.

However, when we do a self-test on the PDP in the web control panel, the temperature is around 27 I believe and the currents on those channels vary above zero as expected.

We have looked into this fairly extensively and have come up empty scouring the internet, so we have come here for advice.


Can you confirm that the device ID of the PDP is ‘0’? Check the self-test in the roboRIO web-page config.

The article mentions that the default ID ‘0’ should be used for PDP.

“Changing the PDP ID while using C++\Java WPILib is not recommended as there is no way to change the desired node ID in the library. PCM node IDs may be set as desired and addressed using the appropriate Open or Constructor of the Solenoid or Double Solenoid class.”

You got it!

That did the trick, the id was set to 3 for some reason.

Thanks very much.