Cannot Register

So we put the copy of inventor that we got in the KoP on some of the classroom computers, and we cannot find the serial number that we’re supposed to enter into the registration form. It says to find the serial number on the packaging, but none of the numbers on the packaging fit the text box or are excepted by the process. In fact, the only pure number on the package is 512107775, which the software rejects.

Where exactly is the number supposed to be on the packaging?

From what I remember doing last year, you can generate your serial number from your FIRST affiliated account at, which is currently down until tomorrow morning.

because it is a limited number of licenses (right?) they do it by individual people on their website. At least this is how it worked last year, each one logs in and gets their individual serial.

Hmm, interesting. When I mouse over the help box on the software, it says that the key can be found on the packaging, or using your group id. Would the students.autodesk key bey the group id that it talks about?

Edit: Okay then, that makes sense. I guess the only thing to do is wait two days and have everyone generate a key.