Cannot resolve unit name in Delphi Ask

I’m a beginner here and am trying to get to grips with some code someone developed for me in Delphi in Rad Studio. I can’t work out if when the developer sent the code he left something out or he used classes from elsewhere that I need to download from somewhere.

Either way, there are red squiggly lines underneath most of the ‘uses’ and the program won’t run. These are the uses (some are missing, some not):

iComponent, iVCLComponent, iCustomComponent,
iPositionComponent, iScaleComponent, iSlider, StdCtrls, ExtCtrls,
iSwitchLed, iLed, iLedRectangle, iAnalogDisplay, ComCtrls, CAdvedit,
crdi2c, ImgList, IniFiles, Buttons, ALScrollingText, CSlider, formule

Any help will be massively appreciated.

I might be mistaken, but I think you have the wrong Delphi; this is Chief Delphi, a forum mostly for the FIRST Robotics Competition, a high school sport; this is not a forum about Delphi, the programming language.