Cannot upload code wirelessly?

Hey all,

I am trying to upload code to our robot wirelessly. However, it does not work wirelessly (but does work over USB). This is the error message:


If you used the Radio Configuration Tool, there is an option for firewall.
If you clicked that it will block the port used for code downloads.

Try running the Radio Configuration tool on your robot radio again while leaving the firewall option unclicked.


This is just an assumption based on past labview experiences but “roborio-5914-FRC.local” sometimes doesn’t detect the target well so instead we’ve used for example “” as the target IP Address , im still new to programming but if nothing else works give this a try, maybe it works.

That will only work if you have static ip addresses set. It looks like you either have an mDNS problem or a firewall problem.

Even if the RoboRIO doesn’t have a static IP, it will reliably get the 10.TE.AM.2 address from the router as of 2018 (assuming the router has >=2018 firmware, of course). Also, from the error message, the plugin is trying several variations of the mDNS name, as well as and others, so some of those not working shouldn’t make a difference.

I’m going to agree with Mark here. Specifically, this part of the error:

admin @ Resolved but not connected.
Reason: JSchException Connection refused: connect

indicates that some device is at that address (while other addresses failed to resolve entirely), but the necessary port (22?) probably isn’t open, which is likely due to the firewall being enabled on the radio. (Could be a firewall issue on the laptop too, I suppose.)

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