CANSparkMax getting hot and shutting off


So I’ve been having an issue with the CANSparkMax. So, when we plug the Spark into a Neo and the proceed to enable the robot the Spark seems to be fried and loses all lights and we cannot power it up again, and it happens to the other Sparks as well when we replace it out. The Neo motor itself remains cool, but the Spark speed controller appears to get hot. Any possible solution or reasoning for this?

What blink codes show on the spark when it’s disabled/while it’s running?

Also to build on Liam’s message, can you post a picture of your wiring to the SparkMax and the Neo to make sure everything is correct.

That sounds like shorted coils in the motor. The Spark Max just dissipates more power during the short circuit and gets hotter and fails. Try another motor.

Any luck?

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