Cansparkmax not showing up on rev hardware client

when we directly plug in to one of the sparks, all other sparks show up. but when we connect to the pdh, they’re not on the hardware client anymore. why did this happen?

is your CAN bus properly wired through all of them and to the PDH?

I believe so. we’ve checked the wiring several times

When you plug into the spark does the PDH show? If not I would recommend checking the wiring between the last spark you can see in your can chain to the PDH.

I am aware that you don’t think this is a wiring issue but this to me seems like you either have a hardware failure (which seems unlikely as when you plug into both devices they power up) or your can is messed up between the spark and PDH (which I find much more likely as both devices seem to work independently and I often find that can is the most likely electronics system to be messed up).

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Thank you for the suggestion!

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