Can't add attachments

I just created my account a couple days ago with the intent of posting our team’s code from 2016. At the bottom of screen, under posting rules, it says “You may not post attachments”. Is there some sort of vetting process I have to go through in order to do this?


Whether attachments are allowed seems to vary from forum to forum. If you already have your code posted somewhere publicly visible (e.g. GitHub), you can just post a link. If not, you can post your code as a “white paper” under CD-Media (button near center, just over the orange bar).

Pretty much. It’s time and post count to get that lifted.

The reason is that there’s been a big influx of spam lately–new members have some increased scrutiny. Even before that it took a bit to get clear of the posting restrictions.

But, there are a couple of options. There’s the CD-Media whitepapers. And there’s a PM to Brandon Martus–something about Brandon being the webmaster means he can remove restrictions if there’s a decent reason.

I’m with GeeTwo on this… it would be much better to post your code someplace that is designed for hosting code, like GitHub, and then just post a link to it here. Just posting it here means you’re posting a zip file that someone has to extract and look through before they’ll know if there’s anything they want to use in it. Going with someplace like GitHub makes it much easier to search and view before deciding to download and use any part of it.