Can't Communicate with the RIO

We’re using RoboRIO 1, firmware 6.0.0, and image 2023_v3.1. We’ve connect to the RIO (it appears in Phoenix Tuner), but we can’t deploy code, we don’t don’t have comms, and we aren’t detecting the CAN chain. We can’t access the robot through driver station.

Tethered with USB or Ethernet? If Ethernet, are you connected to a switch between radio and rio, or in radio port 2 (2nd port known to have problems).

Suggest tether via USB. Make sure your team number is set properly in the rio flashing tool.

Firmware for a Rio 1 should be updated to 8.8.0

Where do we get the files for the 8.8.0 firmware? Did they come with a game tools update?

They are packaged with the current year game tools.

If they’ve been installed you can find them under:
C:\Program Files (x86)\National Instruments\Shared\Firmware\cRIO\76F2

Hmm, I still only have 6.0.0. Is that only a RIO2 thing?

Not a RIO 2.0 thing as the RIO 2.0’s use firmware roboRIO_22…
Something odd about your software installation.

If you want you can try placing this (unzip it) in the 76F2 folder to see if the roboRIO Imaging Tool finds it. (25.3 MB)

The docs say firmware should be 5.0 or later. I don’t think the firmware has anything to do with communication.

We had an issue with connection recently. The problem for us ended up being that the robot was no longer set as a private network on our driver station computer.

Awesome, thanks!

We were able to solve our issues, but we can’t see REV devices in Phoenix Tuner. We plugged in a non-REV device and it showed up, but REV devices aren’t visible in Phoenix Tuner.

That is correct behavior. REV devices won’t show up there, much like CTRE devices won’t show up in the REV Hardware Client.

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