Can't Compile the Default Code

For some reason we can’t seem to compile the default code. We got the default project loaded. We have the “Select Language Tool Suite” set to “Microchip C18 Tool Suite”.

We checked that the mpasmwin.exe is pointing to the right path. We checked that the mplink.exe is pointing to the right path. And we checked that the mcc18.exe is pointing to the right path.

For the “Build Options” General tab we have the “Include” path pointing to the header file default path. For the “Build Options” General tab we have the Library path pointing to the library file default path.

We have selected the correct device (ie PIC18F8520).

Yet, when we hit “Build All” … nothing happens. The Window button on the Tool bar says that the Output window is open… but we don’t see an output window… or the output in the output window. As such, we cannot run the MPLAB SIM… :confused:

this sounds like windows cannot find a dll display file. you should probably reinstall the ide. but first completely uninstall the current ide.

i have found that version 6.32 would not install and run on one of my computers. however, 6.40 installs on all.

jerry w

The project files seem to save the location of the windows that are open in them. If you are running a smaller screen resolution than the computer that created the project file, could it be that the output window is starting below your viewable area? It’s possible that you have to scroll down to see it (especially if the window menu says it’s open).

I know my team had a problem with that at first, if you IM droids2000 or dhoward935 I am sure that either one of them will be glad to tell you how they fixed that.

Hey, don’t know if you’ve solved your problem yet, but…
Have you checked if you’re exceeding the 64 character limit on the path/file name? You probably need to move your main working directory to the base of the file system. You can get all kinds of wierd errors if that limit is exceeded.