Can't connect to frcvision.local

Hey, I have a ethernet cable from my laptop to my home router and a raspberry pi connected to the router with an ethernet cable.

Going to command prompt and hitting “ping frcvision.local” is getting replies
I can ssh into the raspberry pi with frcvision.local
However going to frcvision.local in my browser ends up giving a timeout. (With firewall disabled)
I tried connected to the raspberry pi’s ip using “ipconfig eth0”

One thing to note running " ps aux | grep -i camera" end up throwing an error I believe

Hence, im stumped on what to do next.

Not sure if this is the right solution but make sure you have some sort of mDNS implementation running on your laptop.

Ye, I have Bonjour print services installed.

Are you sure the raspberry pi’s webserver is up? You might also be using the wrong port