Cant connect to pheonix tuner

so I’m trying to clear the sticky faults on my pcm but I can’t connect to the pheonix tuner. I am running the latest version of the roborio firmware and my CAN loop appears to be intact. I have disabled all firewalls in windows defender but I still can’t connect. Has anyone else had this issue?

What does the bottom status bar of Phoenix Tuner say?

If it says “Updating [ ] …” in green that means it’s connected to the diagnostic server. If it says anything else it means you are not connected to the diagnostic server.

Make sure:

  • Diagnostics is running (either a temp server or a robot project with Phoenix)
  • The Address bar in Tuner is set correctly ( for USB, your team number or 10.TE.AM.2 for an ethernet/wireless connection).

this is the error message

What do you mean by this?

Phoenix Tuner requires connecting to a diagnostic server - this server does the work of communicating with the CAN bus.

See here for the general steps of using Phoenix Tuner with the roboRIO:

The error message you posted indicates Tuner can’t even connect to the target roboRIO, let alone try to connect to the diagnostic server.

How are you connected? (USB vs Wifi vs Ethernet)
If you’re USB, use the 172 address in the dropdown.
If you’re WiFi, try 10.TE.AM.2 (so for the number in your picture, instead of just your team number. Sometimes MDNS (the .local address) can resolve improperly depending on the PC.

So i reverted to a previous roborio firmware and an old version of phoenix tuner and i could see the devices. When i switch back to the current pheonix tuner i still cant see them. Any ideas on what causes this?

Try pushing your code to the Rio. An empty project is that is all you have. It will let you know if the Rio is communicating . I don’t know if it applies to Phoenix but in the beta I couldn’t get sysid to run without a 2022!code project pushed.

So the code fails to deploy from the 2022 wpilib on an old version of the rio firmware. I had everything updated to the current 2022 version and i could deploy but i still couldn’t see my pdp or pcm in the tuner.

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