Can't Connect to roboRIO or DLink

Hello, for the past day we have been unable to connect to either the DLink or roboRIO using an ethernet cable. We can connect only to reimage the roboRIO or run the DLink through the Bridge Config. Utility but after that we can’t connect to it from either my personal laptop or from the laptop we use for the driver station, when I ping the IP I get a signal too, any help would be appreciated

Is it only the Driver Station that is failing to connect? Make sure you have your team number configured correctly in both the robot and the DS.

You say you can ping the IP. Does that mean roboRIO-1985.local works, or just the numeric address?

Yes, we only have trouble connecting with the driver station software and we can only ping the numeric IP, and I’ve reformatted the roboRIO and DLink with our team number

That sounds like your laptop mdns resolver service isn’t running or is being blocked by another application (disable firewall/antivirus).

Take a look in your Task Manager for nimDNSResponder (see attached).

The nimDNSResponder is running and my firewalls are turned off, I’m able to deploy code too but cannot connect to run it, the IP for some reason is I’m not sure if this is strange but this is my first time seeing the last number so high

The IP should be .20 or higher, so your’s is fine.
That also means that the DLink is setup and working properly.

Is your laptop NIC (wireless and Ethernet port) set to request DHCP?
Run ipconfig in a command window or check the NIC status to see what IP address your laptop has been assigned. It should be something like

This is what I get when I use ipconfig and set my computer to get the IP address automatically

That looks good.

I assume you tried stopping and restarting the DS?

You don’t by any chance have a second laptop active with a Driver Station running on it?
This is a long shot but…
I just got back from a rookie team where they couldn’t get a Driver Station connection. It turned out to be because another computer across the room had a Driver Station minimized. The hidden DS automatically took over from the first when the first was closed momentarily and since the second DS was minimized, no one noticed. The DS won’t connect if another DS is already connected.

We have three computers with the Driver Station but none of them are even able to connect in the first place

So you cannot browse to the roboRIO using the mDNS address “roboRIO-1985.local”
If browsing doesn’t work, then the Driver Station won’t either, since it uses that address, so we need to figure out why the mDNS name is wrong.

Can you browse to vis the USB cable path?
If you can then check the roboRIO host name?

I can connect to the browsing thing and the DNS name is roboRIO-1985.local and the hostname is roboRIO-1985

On the Driver Station Diagnostic tab, are any of the pings green?

I remember the Enet Link was but I don’t remember if any of the others were, I can check at our practice tomorrow

The Enet link and bridge lights are both green. No comm, robot code, or team #, and anything else.

So we find that we can ping the roboRIO and communicate with it but we cannot connect with the Driver Station on the three different laptops we’ve been using

Nothing you describe matches anything I can think of. Do you know any other teams in the St. Louis area that might be able to help you in person with some basic troubleshooting? There could be something obvious that you don’t know to look for or to tell us about.

Just ran into this problem myself, or at least I think I did.

I solved it by changing my IPV 4 to 10.xx.yy.3 (xx and yy being team number) and was able to connect immediately. Don’t know if it will work but worth a try at least.

Check the lights on the RoboRIO after it starts up, and compare with the status light info on this page to make sure the issue is not with the controller:

When we first setting up our controller it exhibited similar behavior, it turns out it was because we hadn’t properly image the RoboRIO when we thought we had. The Status and Comm lights should help narrow down the issue.