Can't connect to roboRIO web interface

I am only using the usb cable to the roborio and am going to
however it says unable to connect, any help?

Shouldn’t the IP be where ‘team’ is your team number? Also try typing in “roborio-team-FRC.local” or “roborio-team.local”. ‘team’ is your team number.

No didn’t work but i didn’t figure it would because this is the first time the roboRIO has been booted up and I haven’t configured the internet yet its just on the usb

Have you not loaded the v19 roboRIO image either? You should do that before you expect it to operate as advertised.

How do you do this? Is it the firmware cause I thought that could only be done on the web interface?

We use the roboRIO Imaging Tool on a brand new roboRIO to put the operating system on it. That puts the web server onto the roboRIO that you can then browse to and update the firmware.

C://Program Files/National Instruments/LabVIEW 2015/projects/

The order is

  1. Install FRC update suite. This gets you the driver so that the USB connection to the roboRio shows up as an internet connection. This is on a Windows computer, not MAC or Linux.
  2. Power up the roboRio (It is on isn’t it?) and plug in a USB cable. You should see the driver installed. The IP address of the roborio will be what you correctly stated: You should be able to ping it.
  3. Connect to the web interface of the roboRio. Use Internet explorer not Chrome because IE supports Silverlight.
  4. Log in and update the firmware of the roboRIO
  5. Now running the imaging tool.

Follow this step by step: