Can't connect to the camera

We are using C++, the axis 206 camera, and the 8-slot cRIO. We have used the Camera setup tool for a direct connection to the cRIO’s second Ethernet port. However, our cRIO can’t find it. Below is our code:

AxisCamera &camera = AxisCamera::GetInstance();

We are using a crossover cable and we have been able to connect it directly to a computer and were able to get video feed. The username and password for the camera are:
username: FRC
password: FRC

Whenever we run our code, the diagnostics message window reads:

ERROR: S_errno_ECONNREFUSED (0x0000003D): Failed to connect to the camera …in CreateCameraSocket() in C:/WindRiver/workspace/WPILib/Vision/AxisCameraParams.cpp at line 457

Any ideas?

Try using:
AxisCamera &camera = AxisCamera::GetInstance(“”);

Thanks! We’re no longer getting any errors. Also, how do we get the video onto our driver station?

The default dashboard is set up to expect the camera at 10.xx.yy.11. To use the camera in the configuration you have it, you will have to install LabVIEW, create a dashboard project, change the camera IP, build the Dashboard and use your new Dashboard.A possibly easier option would be to set up the camera to plug into the robot radio as described on Page 27 of Getting Started with the 2012 FRC Control System.


If you go with the camera->Robot radio option, you can take the IP back out of your GetInstance call as the robot radio configuration appears to be the new default looking at AxisCamera.cpp and AxisCameraParams.cpp