Can't deploy code to cRio using WindRiver

For the last 5 weeks I have had no problems deploying code to my robot until last night. When I go to FIRST-> Deploy the download window opens up and it starts to download my code but then the window suddenly closes. There are no errors reported. I have the the correct .out file selected. I have reimaged the cRio and restarted both the computer and the cRio. I have also pinged my cRio with the command prompted and it responds. I have tried Target -> New Connection and it comes back with errors but honestly I don’t what this is for.
Here are the errors: Error: loading core symbol table: status = 0xe0004
Error: Unable to load /c/ni-rt/system/vxWorks
Error: Unable to load the kernel image into the target server.

I don’t know what else to do. Please Help!!!

The problem described here is a symptom of incorrect target server option specification.

You need to be sure you specify the proper kernel image file and the proper processor, when creating the target server.

For 2013, this is well covered in the “Configuring WindRiver Workbench” section of WPI’s Getting Started with C++.

Check out for the target server info section.

Team 3765 was getting this error initially, and the error went away after the proper kernel image file was referenced in the target server creation.