Can't deploy code: Waiting for the target (RT CompactRIO) to respond

We are connected directly from the programming computer to the crio. The computer’s IP is set to The firewall is off. We just reformatted it earlier today.

We also occasionally get an error that says “access denied another project is using this target”.

Any help would be appreciated, let me know if you need more information.

I believe you should Re-Image your cRIO, then try to deploy code again.

Sorry, that’s what I meant by reformatted in the original post. We reimaged it when it did this to us earlier, it worked for a couple deploys then stops deploying, giving the waiting for target error.

The “access denied another project is using this target”
happens when one of your debug sessions gets interrupted and
LabVIEW thinks a session is still running when it isn’t.

When this happens go to the Project Window,
Right-click on RT CompactRIO Target,
Select Disconnect

You can reset the cRIO too if you like.

The waiting for target to respond error is usually the computer’s fault rather than the cRIO.
Something in the IP address/netmask, multiple active NICs, virus checkers/firewall settings disturbs the network connection.

Most of the time if you just turn the robot off and then on again it’ll connect fine.

It can also be caused by the cRIO being too busy with the robot program to respond the the commands to deploy new code. On work around for this is to use the imaging tool to set the No App switch, apply settings, deploy your new code, unset the No App switch, apply settings.