Can't Deploy Code

Our team has been recently working on an off-season robot and have run into the problem that we can’t deploy code. We are using a brand new roboRIO that has been re-imaged to the newest version. We program using Labview, the code builds fine but when I go to “Run as Startup” there will be a conflict message saying “Connection failed. The network address might be invalid or the target is not responding.” I am tethering to the roboRIO via USB. When the robot is turned on and USB connected, the COMM light on the roboRIO turns red.
If anyone has had a similar experience or knows how to fix this problem your feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Is it in safe mode? (status light blinks in patterns of two)
What team number did you use for the roboRIO configuration?
Can you post a screen shot of the project explorer (and is it configured for the same team number?)?
When you connected the roboRIO, did the NI ethernet over usb driver install?

I am a 6yr veteran that now works at NI. If you would like to email me or let me call you directly, send me a private message and I’ll give you my contact info.

There’s a few things that could be here. Check what IP/Network name the project expects the roborio to be at. If you’re trying to load by USB, ensure it is set to . Check your firewalls and disable. Also ensure you aren’t connected to the RIO over FTP or SFTP (ports 21 & 22).

If you are using Windows 10, I would find a different computer. We had the same issue with our 2016 robot on Windows 10 (with all correct settings). When we used a Windows 7 computer everything went correctly.

Also make sure you’re not connected to any other connection at the time.