Can't deploy from netbeans or eclipse

My team is switching to java this year and after a long period of doing nothing, we’re trying to get it working with our last year’s robot. After re-imaging the cRIO and installing the plugins to both netbean and eclipse (We have both because we don’t know which one we’ll like more so we’re trying them both out), the code (on both IDEs) refuses to deploy. Eclipse just straight up crashes while netbeans gives a long error message (I can’t remember it right now). What I can’t tell is whether its a connection issue or a software issue. I have the latest version of netbeans using the version 4.14 of the plugins. The cRIO is using v28. I have the classmate running the driver station with the ip set at, while the laptop I’m using to program and deploy with is using the ip The router has been configured properly and both laptops have no problem connecting to the cRIO.
Any advice?

Try eliminating as many network devices / complication as possible between the computer you are trying to deploy from to the cRIO. I would recommend either a crossover from the cRIO to the laptop or a single normal switch between the two, with straight cables to the switch from each. Also, see if you can ftp manually to the cRIO from one of the connected computers with the IP Address 10.xx.yy.2, with xx being the first two digits of your team number and yy being the last two digits, so for my team, its, and the username anonymous, no password. If that doesn’t work could you post the actual error that netbeans spits out?


Did you set the team number in netbeans?

Actually, .2 is the IP for the cRIO, not a computer, and remember to change the IP scheme to reflect your team number (10.xx.yy.zz, where xxyy is your team number). Your computer would need to be: (or something greater than .5), and your cRIO needs to be

For a nice diagram/table of the proper IP addresses, look here (note: it’s an old document, from 2009. but the IPs haven’t changed). Look at Section 5.2/Page 6.

Right, by connect with, I meant use that IP to connect to cRIO.