Can't deploy robot code on the RoboRIO 2.0

Our team just got a RoboRIO 2.0 and imaged it, but when we try to deploy robot code, it fails on discoverroborio.
The code was deploying on a RoboRIO 1.
(The error on the screenshot is not supposed to be there and we fixed what caused it)

Some questions about your setup to help guide troubleshooting:

  1. Is this a school-managed computer?
  2. Can you confirm the windows firewall is disabled?
  3. Do you have the FRC Game Tools installed?
  4. How are you connected to the rio? USB? Ethernet direct to rio? Ethernet through radio/switch? Wifi through radio?
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Did you set the team number after imaging the roboRIO?

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  1. no
  2. firewall is on but set to notify when it blocks something and did not get a notification
  3. yes (edit: running the repair tool just in case)
  4. USB direct to rio

Try disabling the firewall entirely. Also, try disabling all other network adapters.


Have y’all imaged the radio to the 2023 firmware? Looking at the errors, I think that might be your problem.

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Can you connect to

I can’t. the page crashes after about 30 seconds because takes too long to respond.

What are the LEDs indicating on the Rio? Try doing the imaging process again (reimage the SD card, re-set the team number).

It’s just green for power, red for RSL

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