can't edit drawing dimensions

I’m making some parts for work in inventor 11.

I’m in the drawings (.idw) now and it won’t let me edit the dimensions (right click -> edit). I need these to put in some crucial information (0.25 now, it needs to be “.25 typical, 6 places” for example.) I just made some drawings last week for robotics and was able to do this. It’s almost as if some hidden master switch was hit.

any thoughts?

Take a look at this thread, a recent update to Windows may have broken Inventor.

Could you be more specific? When you right click on the dimension and try to edit it through the precision menu is it not letting you or what exactly is it doing?


It will not let me edit/add text to a dimension.

It will let me change precision however.

It seems to be the problem linked above but I only work two days a week so I have been unable to test it.

When you do drawings in Inventor they are based on the part files of the drawings that you are doing. If you change the dimentions on the part level they should change on the drawing level. If you are still having trouble let me know.

Early reports are that KB920342 causes problems as well - but I turned off automatic updates a long time ago so I’m not sure on this one yet.

A Hotfix has now been posted.

The hotfix won’t install. It says something along the lines of not being able to find the program.

I can’t uninstall windows hotfix either. This is Northrop Grumman’s computer and they don’t let you mess with security.

Pass the Hotfix link on to their IT department.

i’m having the same problem, but on my personal computer (i.e., i have no IT department to run to). any advice would be helpful. this inability to create notes is killing me.

well its good to know that there is a fix for this. I was doing some work in Inventor and was trying to put in text and it was not working and I was like what is going on… I asked my dad and he celled a friend who teachers it in a school and he did not know what was up with it so I was like I will go look on chief delphi and saw this thread and was like YES!!! thanks, you guys help out a lot!!!

Make sure all Service Packs are installed as well.
You can find Hotfixes and Service Packs by searching Google on Autodesk Inventor Hotfix and Service Pack. Install in the order in which they are listed on the Autodesk website. Be sure to follow all readme instructions for installation (particularly for the SP1 for Inventor 2008 as you need to un-install a part of the program first.)

If you are trying to add notes at the end, then just add a text box and line it up visually. It will not be exact, but most machinest don’t care. They just want the note there. Sometimes, Inventor just likes to be a pain. (Happened to me at a SkillsUSA state competition). The pain just comes with the program.