Can't find 2008 Master code.

I am looking where I can download the updated 2008 master code. Also if there is a version of IFI loader above 1.1, where can I download that? This maybe a dumb question, but any help would be much appreciated.

The default code for 2008 is the same as 2007, no updates. Although there’s a newer version of Kevin’s code which is very helpful, if you want to use that as a substitute.

EDIT: Pretty much irrelevant answer. Never mind, read very quickly.

I am looking for the Master Code, not default code. The Master Code is what you put on before user code, the one that the controller has to be tethered while its being loaded.

Sorry, my mistake, I read the post too quickly.

Actually, are you sure that the master code has been updated at all? It may not have just been the default code that remained the same this year; it seems neither .zip has been updated.

All I have found is the code from kevin’s site. Is there default code from FIRST?

Doesn’t look like there is any new master code(some call this firmware) or default code from ifi this year. It looks like that last master code update was released on 2/27/2007. You can find it and the 2007 default code at and scroll all the down.