Can't find CD?

I’ve tried searching the threads and I’m been very very lost. I’m rather new here, and I know how annoying answering the same quesitons can be, but I really need help.

This is my second year doing animation, and as the only member of my group with any expirence, I’m expected to know everything… But I’m a novice myself. I got the 3dsmax 6 software and I was thrilled. But, there was NO 3ds Max 6 cd, just character studio and a bunch of others.

Do we get the actual CD when the game starts? Or did my team just not get the CD? Just any word would be a big help. Thank you.

3dmax comes in a big box with a fold out thing with 3 cd’s. That is all you need to install it.


Thank you. my confusion knows no bounds, at times.