Can't find CMUCam2 demo.llb

We cannot find CMUCam2 demo.llb like mentioned in the camara workbook. Do we download it or is it somewhere else? Please help us.

I think might help you find what you’re looking for.

No, we have already looked there. Where do we download the CMUCam2 demo.llb application used in Lab View 8.0 like mentioned in the camara workbook? We have searched and searched on the web but have failed miserably. Did this application come in the kit? :ahh:

WHERE IS IT??? :ahh: :ahh: :ahh:

You can get it [here]( CMUcam2 demo app - The password to extract the contents of the zip file is “LVFRC2006!” case sensitive and without the quotes.

If you use easyC for FRC the camera values for the target are preloaded in the software. If you upload Tutorial #7 to your robot it should folow the target.

Be careful about posting exact links to this file, the filename and/or location can change, it is best to look here:

The sticky post will always point to the correct link. Also note that now the files are not password-protected.



Now that we have the application and have it on the computer in lab view, we cannot get it to run. I click the little arrow and a little error window pops up and says something like that we need to check our serial port or see if the camara has power. The serial port is fine, we spent hours checking it. And the camara has power. WHATS WRONG??? Please help us. :ahh:

Could be a number of things.

  1. Make sure the backup battery is FULLY CHARGED.
  2. Make sure you’ve installed the latest version of the NI-VISA software in your computer.
  3. Make sure you’ve configured your serial port to the correct speed via Measurement and Automation Explorer.
  4. Make sure the serial port specified in the application is the correct serial port the serial cable is plugged into.
  5. Make sure the backup battery is FULLY CHARGED.
  6. Make sure you’ve read the documentation provided with the Camera App.
  7. Make sure your serial cable is good.
  8. Make sure the camera is correctly set up and everything is plugged in snugly (especially the lens daughterboard).

And above all, make sure your backup battery is fully charged.


thanks, it now works. The file we were missing mi-visa was in the documention of the frc camara.

You said, “If you use easyC for FRC the camera values for the target are preloaded in the software. If you upload Tutorial #7 to your robot it should folow the target.” Where is “Tutorial #7”?

We have another porblem. We can now get CMUCam2 demo.llb to run, but when we try to capture a frame we get an error. But our serial cabel is connected and the camara has power. So why do we get this!? help

There was a bug in the get that caused problems grabbing frames, especially if you are using a USB to Serial converter. There is an update posted here.

Good luck!

That has been already downloaded. But now, we can start the program without any errors then when clicking the “grab frame” button it downloads all the way and no picture appears on the screen, and it restarts itself over and over. What’s wrong?

After downloading the code to the robot controller and the terminal window pops up, nothing happens in it. Why is this?

If you downloaded the code a few days ago, the code was messed-up for a while.


We’ve tried that and it still didn’t work.

Rebuild the code with debugging messages on (see camera.h) and post the output (if any) here.


Here is the debug.

Camera: Initialized abnormally with code 131
Camera: Initialization state = 1
Camera: No EEPROM configuration data found; using default parameters
Camera: Initialization state = 2
Camera: Initializatoin state =3

This continues over and over again.