Can't find correctly sized gear

In order to fix our intake, we’ve opted to change to a P60 Gearbox instead of PG27. However, our current gear setup uses these two gears. The big issue we’re facing is that we either need to replace that first gear with something that can fit a P60 and a correctly sized machine key, or find a new combination of gears that can do the same thing and hold our hex shaft. I’ve also tried finding alternate shafts for the P60 that would work with the current gear setup but to no avail.

Could someone help me find some gears or a new shaft?

EDIT: For reference, A P60 has a 1/2 inch shaft and an 1/8th inch keyway.

So are you looking for a 20dp 32 tooth gear with a hex bore? Or are you looking for something else and I’m not understanding you correctly?

McMaster sells a the right gear 32T, 20DP, 14.5Deg Pressure angle

But you will have to open up the hole to 1/2 inch (it comes 3/8 stock) and then you have to buy this collar & this broach & shim and broach the 1/8" keyway in the 1/2" hole.

Alternatively, you could use a VersaPlanetary but you’d have to change center distances because you still wouldn’t have a gearset that added up to the same number of teeth (29+32=61 – Vex doesn’t sell many/any gears with odd numbers of teeth).

Actually, I just now realized that I assumed that you wanted the P60 to be driving the 32T gear. If that is wrong. Then I will have to change my answer.

Good luck.

Dr. Joe J.

Nope, that’s correct. So I would buy that gear, drill a 1/2 inch hole in it and then … what exactly? I’ve never worked with collars or broaches to my knowledge.

I’m looking for a gear to replace that 20dp 32 tooth 10mm bore gear, that will mesh with that second gear. However, if it were needed to change that hex gear to a different gear, so long as it had a hex hole it could work.

You would insert the collar into the 1/2" hole and then insert the broach into the slot in the collar and use a press to push the broach through (use plenty of cutting oil), which will cut a keyway into the gear to interface with the shaft.

Here is a quick youtube video showing the process:

Perfect! I’ll forward this to the rest of my team and we’ll take a look! Thank you so much!