Can't Find/ need to create Pit discussion thread.

I want to start a discussion about pits and the method of their construction and all things concerning them, such as safety, layout, styling, functionality, general design, and how to be a good pit neighbor. It short, a thread all about pits. I’m not sure if I’m posting this request in the right area, but I’m surprised there is no already existing thread. If there is such a thread, it would a great help to redirect me to such an area. Thanks!

There have been a few threads. I don’t know if you’ve searched (search feature is in the orange bar near the top of the page), but I’d try posting a new thread in the Competition subforum, most likely under Team Organization.

Incidentally, a quick search popped up these ones from earlier this year:

Thanks! I know that there have been several somewhat spontainous discussions about it, but I think that It’s such a large topic that it deserves to have it’s own area. I mean, Motors has it’s own thread. And although goodness knows that motors is a world of it’s own, I feel like the Pit area is a very important subject that probably deserves a separate discussion. And yes, I did do several searches before I posted here. However, most of the posts found had originated from different topics or areas. Thanks for the quick reply! :slight_smile:

They’re actually looking at slimming down the site. The amount of subforums are too darn high!!! So we may not get a pit forum anytime soon.