Can't find roboRio firmware

I’m following the directions in the control system, but I can’t the firmware folder:confused:

I am having the same problem, in the /Shared/Firmware directory it brings me to only contains a folder for CVS config.

This is what it looks like for me (see image). Did you install the FRC 2017 Update Suite?

Meant to put this up last night, but I re-downloaded it from the FIRST site and it worked this time. downloaded from here:

The firmware update instructions look like they’ve been moved from the Getting Started section to the Troubleshooting section. Is there a reason you’re trying to update?

We are trying to update as well… No firmware on the folder.

The new Roborio, out of the box, is flashing status 2 times per cycle.
The manual says that we may need to update the firmware?

It is supposed to have the version 3.0.0.f.

Advice is welcome!

Hello poteus,

Before updating firmware on your roboRIO, you must have completed installation of the FRC Update Suite. You also must have the roboRIO power properly wired to the Power Distribution Panel as described here.

Please follow the instructions mentioned in: Updating your roboRIO firmware, and let us know your results.

If after installing the FRC Update Suite you’re still unable to see the firmware image in your computer, I encourage you to try doing these steps with another one. Perhaps your OS has them hidden or the installer wan’t able to write them.

Another tool you can use to find the missing file is Everything. You might want to give it a try to discover where the file might have been copied to.