Can't find the cRIO image file.

Yesterday I finished installing and updating our classmate, and right after that I turned to update the cRIO. I followed all steps described in the pdf file, but I came across a problem on step 8:

Click the Apply button to apply the changes you made and download the FRC_2010_xx image to
the cRIO.

The list of image files is empty, I can’t figure out how to add any, and even if I could… I didn’t find where I can download the image files. oh… and shouldn’t it be “” ? why 2010?


Edit: This should have been posted in the “FRC Control System” forums.

The image should be installed with the language specific update. What language are you trying to image it for? The tool looks in different places for images based on which language you select at the top.

Yes… it should be 2011. The documentation is out of date.


I installed the updates and it worked great. thanks!