Can't find Victor SPX calibration procedure

We are using Victor SPX controllers for our drive motors in PWM mode. The information sheet indicates that it has a brake/coast/calibrate button but I can’t find any information about the PWM calibration process.
I suppose it’s the same procedure as the older generation controllers but it would be nice to see the procedure in writing for this controller.
Anybody know the correct PWM calibration procedure for the Victor SPX?

Typically the calibration process is:

  1. Hold down the calibrate button until the lights change

  2. Use the joystick to move it from -100% to 100% (I usually just wiggle the joystick back and forth slowly a few times)

  3. Wait for the lights to change back

That’s typically how you do it. I can’t imagine this is much different.

You are probably correct but why isn’t it in the user guide?