Cant Get C-Rio to talk to Sidecar

Hey, It’s Megy from 698,

we’re having issues trying to get the C-Rio to talk to the Sidecar. . .

We’ve tried to compile the example code to it. . . and even that won’t work.

We’re kinda stuck.


Thanks so much!!

check the cables from c-rio to the side cart as well as the power cables the wires may have bad continuity

Is your digital IO board in slot 4?

You could try another sidecar, another IO board, or another cable. Check for bent or missing pins on the cable?

By “not talking”, what does it not do? control outputs or read inputs?.You could try relay outputs, theres lights for those.

Does it have a power lights? If not, could there be anything connected to it thats shorting it out?