Can't get cRIO to connect to Driver Station Software

Hello. I’ve been having this continuous problem with setting up the cRIO for communication with the driver station. I’ve upgraded the firmware for the cRIO (by the way, what is the version or date supposed to say for the updated firmware on the cRIO when you start the cRIO Imaging Tool?), and I’ve hooked up everything as necessary for the benchtop test; however, it won’t connect. There are two red lights next to “Robot Code” and “Communications”. How can I fix this? I’m running the software on another laptop (we sent our Classmate in to the company for an RMA).

The cRIO needs be v19 or v20, depending on which update you have.

Communications is a summary of the others. If the only thing you are missing is code, I’d open the dev tool, setup the sample project or even an example, and run. Be sure to leave the DS on and running so that you can enable the robot once you have code.

Greg McKaskle

OK…By the way, here’s another question: During the flashing process, is it normal for the robot to disconnect and reconnect a couple of times?

By that second part, do you mean to download the default code and run it, and then try to enable it through the driver station?

Also, when I hooked up the Analog Breakout and the other breakout (default is slot 2), I got a red light under “Robot” in Diagnostics when it usually was green. How do I fix that?