Can't get JeVois camera to run without host computer

The JeVois camera we got for our team doesn’t seem to let us run it through the RIO or even edit it’s script files, what should I do?

Levelset: Have you gone through any of the guides put together for it yet? Specifically this one?

yes I have, I’ve checked that one and all the ones on the JeVois website

it doesn’t read that there is a camera on the FRC dashboard, or any other setting for that matter


For editing script files: how are you attempting to edit them? Is usbsd working to export the microSD card as a drive on the PC?

For the RIO: can you describe your configuration? What method are you using to tell the Jevois which module to execute?

yes, but it wants me to wipe the file in order to use it

Hmmm, I’m not sure if I’ve seen that before…

Can you post a screenshot and explain the sequence of steps it takes to get here?

it might be a while

Ok. It is also worthwhile confirming you have the latest JeVois firmware image (1.11.0) and Jevois Inventor version (0.5.0).

I have the latest image

I just feel like the camera might be broken

either that or there isn’t enough power going to the camera.

do you know if I were to wipe it if I could re-add the data from a new source or rewrite it?

Fair enough, I often feel like that with a lot of my own work. Seeing a lack of progress where others have already had success is disheartening. Be careful assuming this is true though, without clear evidence that the hardware itself is malfunctioning, and it’s not a software misconfiguration.

Start with basics - is there any permutation where you have been able to get the DemoSaliency default program to run on a desktop PC? If so the hardware is likely not at fault.

Assuming you can access any files you have already edited, definitely save off a copy on your hard drive. Then you can re-image the SD card as needed.

FYI, I noticed you are new around here. Welcome welcome to ChiefDelphi! The folks around here are pretty nice and eager to help. If you haven’t done much posting on technical forums before, here is one thing you may consider reading to ensure technical conversations are productive.

well we have been having problems here and there before with it getting worse and more frequent, it wouldn’t surprise me if it just gave up.

The key to confirming most things like this is to run experiments where you change one variable at a time, and determine if changing that variable makes any difference in the outcome.

One experiment to confirm hardware is at fault is to get a second camera, transfer the SD card over, plug it into the exact same USB cable, and run the test. In this case, the only variale that changes is the JeVois hardware. The software, usb cable, and host machine all stay the same. If the second one works, it is evidence of hardware failure. This of course assumes you have (or can get) access to a second unit.

We have had one JeVois fail on us hardware wise. In our case, it was the micro USB port. The black plastic tab in the middle of the connector had broken off, so the pins were no longer aligned with the cable.

I’m going to try saving it then editing it that way, to be the last effort, because I’ve already used up 4 full days of trying to get it to work, and will just find a new way to get vision. The cable wouldn’t be the issue as we had tried 6 different cables with different connections with no luck.