can't get R/C controller to work with EDUbot

we plugged in the motors to the PWM outs and the ones from the reciever to the PWM in. the reciever is recognizing the transmitter because the radio light is green but nothing moves when we move the joysticks… we’re using default code since we havent tried to reprogram it. can someone please help? thanks!

You have your motors are plugged into pwm01 and 02?
4 wire cable w/black wire on outside?

Radio receiver wires in correct orientation (black on receiver to black on EDU)?
Receiver 1 connected to R/C PWM input 1, etc?

Fully charged 7.2v battery?

figured it out, thanks! our EDU controller was loaded with the IR beacon code from last year. after reloading the default, it works. now to take out the limits of the outputs in programming and make the arm move correctly… >.>;;