Can't get the Kinect to Connect


I am a rookie mentor, mentoring a rookie team. So much to learn, so little time :slight_smile:

We are having a lot of trouble with the Kinect. I read (and followed the instructions) in the Getting Started with Microsoft Kinect for FRC PDF file. (The one here. I ran the KinectStick Labview example. The example compiles in Labview and gets sent to the cRio fine. The DriverStation says it has code and a connection to the robot. However, the red Kinect light on the driver station (on the diagnostics tab), never turns green. Also, the IP address of the Kinect is never set to what it should be.

The Kinect appears to be installed correctly via the Windows Device Manager. I installed the Kinect SDK, and the Kinect Server. The green light comes on, on the front of the Kinect.

I’m running out of things to try. Any ideas are appreciated!

Anastasia :slight_smile:

Once the SW for the driver station is installed, you should really just need to plug the Kinect in, start the driver station, and click to the Kinect tab on the dashboard display. Don’t forget to have someone stand about six feet in front of the sensor.

The Kinect doesn’t have an IP, but you should see a green light on the Diagnostics tab. If you do not, look at the version information at the bottom of that tab and see if it gives an error that gives more details.

Greg McKaskle