Can't import CANTalon

When I type in import edu.wpi.first.wpilibj. I don’t see an option for CANTalon
I have updated to the latest WPILib

Forgot to mention I’m using a Mac

Read this:

I downloaded and copied the java folder to wpilib/user/java/lib and I still can’t import com.ctre without getting an error

Have you added the library to your build path in Eclipse? If not, you can do this by right clicking the project name in the project explorer, go to build path -> configure build path -> libraries tab -> add external jars, and then just select the .jar.

You do not need to manually add external libraries to your build path.

When you start Eclipse, the WPI Plug-ins automatically add anything in the appropriate WPI/user folder to the build path.

This means that anytime you add an external library, you must restart eclipse.