Can't install FRC Driver Station Update 2012

We installed the DS Update from [1], and it appears to install fine. Everything goes, the installer says it’s finished, and we reboot the computer. However, when we turn the driver station back on, the DS revision number is only The inspection sheet says that the Revision must be at least or newer. I have installed and reinstalled the update at least 3 times. I have redownloaded the file. The file was posted on the 7th, so it doesn’t seem like I have the wrong file. Anyone know what’s going on?


Looks like the Inspection Checklist is wrong, R80 specifies

Could they have changed it when they released the inspection checklist and neglected to change the rules listing?

The rule was fixed in a Team Update so I’m guessing it’s the checklist that’s wrong.

I have seen the same phenomenon, i.e. downloaded and installed update but the version number does not change. I also agree that the update to R80 should correct this. However, not all inspectors are experts in the details rules. It would be good to have this resolved long before the first competition.

Has anyone posted this as a Q&A question?

For anyone who didn’t see the update to the Inspection Checklist, this version number has been corrected.