Can't make Robot project on new LabView Software

I am trying to build a project on the new LabView version that I just installed and it seems that I do not have the FIRST version or something because I can make a Blank Project but not a robot project. What did I do wrong?

Can you be more specific about the buttons or menu items you are using?

My suspicion is that you have installed the base labview edition, but have not installed the FIRST specific updates. The getting started screen should say hat it is the 2012 FRC edition. He manuals give URLs for updates, and so did Joe Ross in a recent post.

Greg Mckaskle

Greg Mckaskle

You need to install the LabVIEW update.

Thanks, I am now in college and trying to help mentor so I didn’t have much time to look into anything beforehand and went to install and was confused as to why it wasn’t the FIRST edition. should have checked for an update.

Thanks again.

What was the password again?


The Password is: (2012 FRC Decryption Code - !HotShots!KnowBalance!)

Hope it helps.

We’ve tried installing from the thumb drive four times, yet we do not have the driver station, or the ability to create a FRC Robot Project.

Trevor (Pi Fighter) is right.

We installed on 4 different computers last night, and I reinstalled 3 times today. The USB drive auto-run is not installing anything FRC related except the license.

Indeed, if you double click the driver station installer, it tries to install only the vision component of labview. No driver station.

I ironically don’t have a USB drive to test with. It shouldn’t be necessary, but perhaps you could try to uninstall the driver station from the laptop, then install from the USB. I have seen situations where one of the version numbers was incorrect, and the installer essentially decides not to update files.

Greg McKaskle

It did this on a clean computer (a new one with no labview), on 2 computers that had labview uninstalled completely, and on one where we did not uninstall labview.

Installing from the updates page that Joe Ross posted put most of the stuff where it should be, but I haven’t had time to check the driver station. We spent too much time today playing basketball in the gym.

And to those below him, did you try to install the update that was listed above, I know you need it to make the robot project, and from looking over the install files and what it installed the Driver_Station_Setup.exe is only the Vision Software.

Also for those having issues with the USB Installer I would would say try to copy the files over the the PC then install from there. When we tried to install the files from the USB the smallest of hit to the USB drive or PC would stop the Install. When I copied the files over it installed just fine.

I have installed the update for labview and I still only have the options to install a blank project and a real-time project. i have tried the update at lest 3 time now and it does not change anything. I also had trouble to get labview on to my computer that is not the classmate. the installer would run get to the end and not installed labview. so i took it off of the classmate and labview runs but it does not have all if any of the FRC VI’s on it. any help would be much appreciated.

installing on a clean VM i had to install off of the USB, then install all 3 updates from the NI site. then i could make a robot project and had the driver station.