Can't open up Andy Mark Chasis in inventor

Hi, I’am trying to open up the Andy Mark chasis in inventor. When I click to open, it brings me to a resolve link window. I click on open again and it says the path does not exist to that file. The file is from the content center. Now I don’t know if inventor is trying to connect the Andy Mark file and the content center file. This is my first year using inventor so I don’t know much about it. I could really use your help thanks.

The AndyMark chassis is in an assembly. The assembly is simply a reference of several parts. Whenever you open the assembly, it must be able to find the parts, otherwise it asks you to “Resolve Link.” For something like the AM chassis, you can just click skip for all of the parts that it is missing. Once you have skipped through all of the parts, you will have a workable CAD of the base.

The parts that Inventor is looking for are all bolts.

Alternatively, you could just download the CAD from AM. and not have any problems.